Transformative CitizenshipEducation. Equality. Sustainable Communities.Cultivating Resilience in Kenya

Transformative Citizenship

corners’ mission is to cultivate resilience – to empower people in any corner to build peaceful, reciprocal relationships and sustainable economies. We do this through The Transformative Citizenship Program

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Education. Equality. Sustainable Communities.

Our Transformative Citizenship Program works with participants to build capacity for economic and social enterprises that empowers inclusively, where particularly women and girls participate in the learning, in the resulting reciprocal relationships and in the enterprises as equals, and as leaders.

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Cultivating Resilience in Kenya

In Kenya, corners’ Transformative Citizenship Program was directly engaged by government leaders and directly engages local educators and students, along with community stakeholders in empowering their communities to cultivate resilience against crisis and poverty.

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corners in collaboration

corners with GLocate Technologies and Eduweb Technologies

The collaboration of corners with GLocate Technologies (Canada)  and Eduweb Techologies (Kenya) supports the limitless scalability of TCP. This innovative program will become available online for those who cannot actually attend in-person sessions, whether temporarily or for the entire program. Countless more participants can benefit from both the in-person and online versions. All that will be needed is access to a single device – even just a phone.

TCP software will be designed and tested to be implemented as an interactive, online learning platform with an app and portal for participant network development, as well as digitalized participant tracking and performance monitoring.

This process/project of design, delivery and testing will be rolled out by training and deploying women TCP trainers (of in-person and online) who will then train Kenyan teachers, who will teach Kenyan secondary students. And so on. Our commitment throughout is to highlight our women role models and to serve at least 50% women and girls in our teacher and student populations.

The partnership of corners with GLocate and Eduweb Technologies to launch the interactive online version of TCP will ensure access to all the components of the program even where there is little or no in-person support.


What people are saying

  • The program has expanded my mind and has made me changed person, that is my thinking capacity - it's critical. I have managed to improve my characters. I used to bully students around but now I am a changed person. Before I could not stand before a group of people and communicate well but because of this program I am a changed person and a good communicator. My relationship with most of the students in school and at home is super just because of the Transformative Citizenship Program.
  • I was the advisor who first indicated to Corners that their Transformative Citizenship Program addressed two gaps in the current secondary school curricula in the country namely; character development and entrepreneurship/life skills. I have no doubts that Corners is well placed in local and international networks and has gained the requisite experience in Kenya to be able to expand the program in – country and to neighboring countries in future. It is my hope that they will be granted all the support they may need to undertake this task.
  • Completing the corners coursework allowed me to build relationships in a relaxed group setting while learning about myself. The program taught me a lot about who I am as a person and mentally prepared me for the civic engagement projects of corners and my own.... The relationships I have built while assisting on improving Joyland Special Secondary School in Kenya are those that I will forever cherish and maintain as I continue to engage and collaborate in ongoing work at the school. My journey to Kenya will always be a part of me and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be affiliated with such a meaningful organisation.
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Transformative Citizenship Program in Kenya

We were asked to run an expansion of the Transformative Citizenship Program as a secondary school pilot in Kenya in 2014. This was followed by further expansion, training Kenyan educators during 2016 and 2017. And so, we continue.

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Transformative Citizenship Program Versions

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“The TCP training was excellent and was worth the time and effort as it enabled me to better express myself, appreciate myself and others more and see the importance of reciprocal relationships. It has definitely made me a better educator and this will impact positively on my audiences.”

Mr. Leonard Abayo – Deputy Director
Mbeka School for Girls

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What students are saying

“ I appreciate the immeasurable impact it (TCP) had in our Form IV students who were engaged in the first phase of the programme. I recognize that the skills acquired through the programme will be used by the young people throughout life…open minds, the knowledge and ability to look at the world critically, and belief in one’s capacity to make positive contributions to society… approaching societal issues with an open mind and provid(ing) solutions to current problems.”

Truphenah Mbeke

(Senior Teacher, Joyland School)

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Those Who Laid the Corner(s)stone

Coleman Jordan
Carmen Reis
Rodolfo Martinez
Michelle Pajot
Quentin Hill


Friends alongside us on this path in Kenya–
Joyland School
Kenya Ministry of Education
Dala Rieko

and many more on similar paths.

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Gratitude beyond words to so many in Kenya and Canada. 
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Asante sana.

corners Former Field Projects

“Joyland Rebuild”

Architect, Coleman Jordan, led corners’ primary, field project and has now found external sponsorship with which to continue it. The “Joyland Rebuild” Project is the redesign and rebuild of the large secondary school in Kisumu, Kenya where corners also ran the pilot of the Transformative Citizenship Program.

Joyland School and corners have a long and deep relationship.

This project is addressing two urgent and ever-present issues: Accessibility and Sustainability. Both the design and build process will be performed according to the highest international standards reflected in architecture today on these two subjects.

 “Joyland Rebuild”  is a project that has been recognized as planning a potential model for future public buildings, internationally. Coleman Jordan and a corners alumna, Alyssa Vanden Engel, will be presenting “Joyland Rebuild” at an upcoming ArchiAfrika conference – the Pan-African conference of leading edge architecture.

corners celebrates  this project finding an external source to take it the rest of the way to the finish line and our best wishes will accompany them along their way.

“The Ways of Wild Water Hyacinth”

was a project done in collaboration with the women’s Cooperative of Asembo Bay, Siaya County, Kenya. This strong economic and social cooperative worked with us to learn how to use a plant that has been a menace (choking out Lake Victoria for years) as a tremendous agricultural and economic resource.

corners. "From the Field"

Filmmaker, David St. Louis, beautifully captured corners through the lens of a group of Canadians who participated in the Transformative Citizenship Program for post-secondary students & professionals at home; traveling to Kenya for their work placements in two of our Field Projects.

The Field Projects seen in this moving documentary short film are “The Ways of Wild Water Hyacinth” and “Joyland Rebuild”.

“The Ways of the Wild Water Hyacinth” was a project done in collaboration with the women’s Cooperative of Asembo Bay, Kenya. 

“Joyland Rebuild” – described above.

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