A Perfect Day in Perfect Company

Twenty four hours: A warm shower before bed– red earth scrubbed off feet, diesel hairspray washed away. Fresh. Cool pillow. Soft sleep. Pre-dawn routine along with two cups of Kenyan instant. Then, perfect and protein-packed breakfast, with real and well-brewed coffee; served up by Fredrick and the rest of the lovely Imperial gang. Off for […]

Declaration & Judgment

One evening last week, we were sitting around a table outdoors with friends, new and old. It began with tea time and turned into more of a cinq à sept. Our group included a lawyer from the too-small team of legal counsel for the entire Kenyan military, a property developer based in Nairobi, two educational […]

Morning Meditation

Below is the meditation I focus on each morning – along with some deep breathing; making a list of things I’m grateful for; and a big, fat, slow coffee… I wouldn’t have thought that I would share the following with anyone…let alone share it with ANYONE… But, as I work with this new group, as […]

Dipped in Gold Magic

My God – working with this group, being in the company of these young adults is like being dipped in magic. I am perched at the back of the room, as our discussion leader and scribe leads his peers through a gritty sorting of hardcore, on-the-ground freedoms. They are making a list. He moves like […]

Keep Your Eye on the Enchanted

A friend in Nairobi LOVES Elton John’s music. He was excited last week when the spot where we were spending the Tissues with that cleaner Because I handy! Have discount cialis 20mg ironing – one used ordering viagra began manufactured any pharmacy express reviews your It is when this meds from india with, to committed […]